my bio

About Fran J. Listan

Since he was a child, Fran showed a deep interest in arts and any kind of visual expression. Drawing, designing, sculpting, video recording and editing... he was interested in every aspect of creative processes.

Academic Training

Fran decided to pursue a degree in Language -English literature and linguistics- at the university as he always liked English and becoming a teaching. But after having continuous contact with computers and graphic software, he decided to start studying a master in Graphic Design after finishing college.

Graphic Design Studio

Even before finishing the graphic design master, he started working for a design studio. During seven years he created and developed web pages, corporate identities, video editions and many more projects. He learnt and enjoyed with great colleagues and became able how to adapt and customise the look to different companies of many different fields.

CBT Contents Development

During this period, Fran Listán created illustrations, animations and edited sound as contents for a CBT -computer based training. This is a learning system for one of the best Flight Schools in Europe, where international pilots get their training for commercial airlines. The subjects of the course were translated to animated graphics based on written scripts which narrated the contents for the different slides.

Marketing department

After the CBT project was finished, the company invited Fran to be part of the marketing department, as an intern graphic designer. The tasks for this Graphic and Media officer position include: graphic design for brochures, displays, manuals and signage, documentation and the development and maintenance of the websites of the company as well as other digital solutions.